About us

This blog will inform about projects, institutions and from now on about the timeline and development of reforms and projects in context with reactions or better: non-reactions of ministers, authorities and decision makers.

We are starting this blog at May 01st, 2016 – give us a bit time to fill out all the kategories of this blog. You want to have a better Albania, too? Send us an email to show us problems, examples, names – also anonymized emails we will work out. Do not hesitate, it is time to act.

The European Union did not accreditate some ministries of Albania to give subsidies, which are reserved for Albania and now are missing for the progress of the Albanian economy. The European Union wrote, that Albania never will enter the European Union, if they will not realize the reform of the justice system and if they will not install a food safety system. The USA gave a list of several politicians and people with influence with evidences of corruption and we did not hear so much about the result ….

Let us fight for a better Albania. A trustful leadership. A growing economy. Let us work together, that there will not be more the title into the news “German Investors leaving Albania”. Register today, also with an anonym account, give us your comments, tell us from your experiences, ask for help or support our common targets. This country needs a better future. Let’s do it.