Mayor of Lezha, Fran Frrokaj

April 04th, 2016
The German company Eco Eden Water GmbH & Co. KG sent an Unsolicited Proposal to the Municipality of Lezha to attention of the Mayor of the Municipality Lezhe, Mr Fran Frrokaj. This proposal contains a huge investment into the tourism sector and the agriculture sector, the main part is to errect a center of research and education – the company only wants to have unused community land, which is neither agriculture land, nor such plots for houses or industrial. Therefor the company and their partner will operate a long-term partnership to research and educate, also to enable some other projects connected to this center – p.e. the production of microalgues for nutritions. Mayor Fran Frrokaj was informed about this Unsolicited Proposal.

April 10th, 2016
Neither requests for call back or any documentations, nor for the confirmation of receiving the Unsolicited Proposal following the law were not given from the Municipality or the Mayor.

April 13th, 2016
Eco Eden Water GmbH & Co. KG informed the Prefect of the County of Lezha, Prof. Eduart Ndrecaj, about the Unsolicited Proposal, sent the proposal and attached documents to him to support us in this case.

April 27th, 2016
Mayor Fran Frrokaj called and asked to have the Unsolicited Proposal once more. Once more we sent it to the leader of his office, to him and to his personal mailaddress. He promised to give us answers and needed informations until the weekend.

May 01st, 2016
Still waiting of the confirmation, informations and documentations.

May 14th, 2016
No progress. Neither the confirmation about the received Unsolicited Proposal, nor any information about the contact points or who will be responsible and which are the next steps. They are informed that we are negotiating research contracts with one Albanian and one German University and that responsible persons will be in Albania in ten days to discuss the next steps for this project – nothing happens….

May 20th, 2016
We wrote to the mayor of Lezha a seriously meant last reminder, with a copy to the Prefect of the County of Lezha and a copy to the Prime Minister’s Office:

Dear Sir,

after several useless calls and mails to you and your office we beg you once more to answer to our Unsolicited Proposal, which we sent you April 04th, 2016 and which we sent you once more April 27th, 2016 after we informed the Prefect of the County of Lezha and sent it to him at April 13th, 2016. Until today we did not receive any usefull activity from your side, neither a confirmation following the law of concessions that you received our Unsolicited Proposal, nor the contact points and also not the answer you proposed us at the beginning of our contact, if you and your Municipality of Lezha is the responsible institution or if it is directly a ministry. If it will be a ministry you confirmed to send our Unsolicited Proposal directly to the responsible Ministry that we will not have a delay in our activities. Nothing happened.

Anyway. Of course it may be possible that you have to deal every day with investors and every day the proposal to establish a center of research and education into your part of Albania or a similar important project and that our proposal is not interesting for you or, to be clear: for your municipality. In that case we beg you to write us only short, that you are not interested in investments, not interested in this project, not interested to take the chance to locate a center of research and education into your municipality. This will be nice, because we cannot and will not any longer waste our time to try to have a call back from you. And to make it easier for you: If we will not have any reaction from you until

                                        May 26th, 2016

we will inform our contact points into the Ministry of Education, that this project will not be realized into your municipality and that they shall offer us another location in Albania, if they are able to do so. Also we will inform our Swiss and German partners and cooperating institutions suddenly, that the chance will be higher to realize this project in Spain, like the first option was and / or we have to see the possibility in Montenegro, after there the political situation is changing now to a better situation like we noticed today out of Podgorica.

In additional to our Unsolicited Proposal we have to inform you, that this month we closed contracts with two universities, one from Germany, to realize the research contracts in context with seaweed, energy crops and medicinal herbs with the target to produce energy, nutrition, consumer products and educational programms in Albania – for them it does not matter, if it is to be realized in Albania or in Spain or Montenegro.

We are working in a professional way and we are not gambling. We do not accept any kind of corruption. We do not accept important and not explained delays of project development, if the reason is only one bottleneck. We do not accept mentality differences into the kind to do business, if this is a one-way. We have not to take care about which decision maker is in which party or in which Albanian “network”. Because: We do not want money from you, no assets, no illegal advantages – we only want to know, how we can establish our project with our own money and our own partners based on our own idea and our own experiences. Thats it. Nothing more. Not complicated. Not difficult. Your decision.

Of course we are acting in different mentalities and we know that. But it is not acceptable for us and our partners, also in particular it is not the international way, that we have to pamper political decision makers in context with a private financed project, which is independent from the location what we have to choose. And we will not accept, that this project, which is wanted from the universities, from Swiss and German institutions and which is needed for low income areas like your municipality, that this project will have a delay, because there is only one bottleneck. If you are not able or not willing to cooperate and support, than inform us and we have not to contact you any longer. We are not a beggar – we offered you an investment and a great step into a better economical future based on currently unused and unproductive plots. So, write us that we shall go to another country with that project or write us, what we shall do to be able to proceed into the area of Lezha, please. End of next week we will decide the next step.

Yours faithfully,

Susanne Maurer (CFO)

May 21st, 2016
We received an answer from the Lezha Department of Development and Governance, Mr Petrit Marku, who confirmed to receive our Unsolicited Proposal. But this answer was NOT an answer of our last reminder we sent to the Mayor of Lezha and the Prime Minister’ Office yesterday, but an answer to our letter from April 27th, 2016. In additional he wrote, that they want to speak with the internal departments of the Municipality of Lezha (Now! Seven weeks later…) and that they want to give us a note, which Ministry will be connected to this theme until end of May – wow…

At least they wrote, that this proposed project will be a great one for the tourism of that area – we are very curious, how a Research & Education Center will transformed to be a tourism attraction, but in Albania you never know, we learned….

Unfortunately end of May will be too late to give a positive answer to this municipality. We asked for an useful answer until April 26th, 2016, because May 30th, 2016 up to June 01st, 2016 we have fixed meetings with ministriale, university and Swiss cooperation partners to give them our decision, if and where we want to go ahead in Albania or abroad …

May 23rd, 2016
A dependent friend of the mayor changed his cooperation with us and to support the mayor by starting to offend our Chief Financal Officer and to irritate the Prime Minister’s Office.

May 29th, 2016
We found an option for the location of the project and an optional solution for this cooperation partner.

June 02nd, 2016
We followed an invitation of the Prefect of the County Lezha to speak about the situation and problems.

June 08th, 2016

June 15th, 2016
We were informed, that the mayor could not do anything in our case, he is into the stadion in Paris to watch soccer.

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