Whats wrong with Albania?

Albania is a beautiful country with mostly friendly people, a great sense of hospitality and a lot of important ressources into a fantastic nature. But also you will find a lot of corruption, a lot of unprofessional working decision makers and inner circles, which makes it difficult to realize projects, to invest and to proceed good ideas.

This has to be changed. The economy has to be changed. It is time to understand, that the economy has the power to change a country and that the company owners has the duty to change the country, if the politicians do not do it. Money from abroad and knowledge from inside – that is our weapon. And this weapon is working together with transparency and public. Here you can start to create a better Albania. Economy for the nature. Ressources for the society. Albania for the people of Albania.

Let’s fight together! Join us: Stop TTIP (3.400.000 people) or Attac (1.100.000 people) or campact! (1.800.000 people) or AVAAZ (43.875.000 people) – You are not alone. Join our Alliance. Angels Association Albania is supporter of AVAAZ. Gateway Albania is supporting the Albanian exporters. Join our Facebook-Community.